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Welcome To Payday Loan Centre, the premier site for instant sameday loans. Whether you are looking for standard Payday Loans, Text Payday Loans or even Bad Credit Loans we list some of the top payday lenders and brokers to get you the cash you need as soon as you need it. Whatever your credit history Payday Loan Centre can help you find a loan.


Payday Loans

Payday loans are unsecured short term loans designed to tie you over until your next payday. They should be treated as an emergency cash solution and are best used in an urgent situation where you might have a bill you need to pay off, pay for emergency car or home repairs or you just need some extra cash to make ends meet before you get your next paycheque. With payday loans you will find that the interest rates are higher than on other types of loan but this is because they are designed for short term borrowing so shouldn't put you off. Payday loans are popular products because they are really easy to apply for and some lenders can get the cash to you in as little as one hour. There are also only minimal if no credit checks involved meaning you can get a payday loan whatever your financial past. In most cases the only requirements are that you are over 18, are a UK citizen, have a bank account and a regular income. Because payday loans are such popular products there are many on the market so it pays to shop around. In the list below you will find some of the best payday loans on the UK market. Use the comparison table to weigh up different loans to find the best one for you. Look at the interest rates and other features of each loan and make sure you fully read and understand the terms of the loan and what happens if you miss payments. Simply click on the More Info tab next to the loan you want for more information or to make an application and you could have the money with you the sameday.

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Purple Payday
Payday Loans

Broker £100-£750 £125 8 or over, in full time employment earning £750 per month. Payment should be within 31 days. None - Bank Account (debit card if possible but not required) 1286.10% No Yes Payday Loans
Purple Payday has tailored an online application form that is quick and easy to complete, with no paperwork required! Purple Payday search through a panel of lenders in order to find a loan that will best fit your requirements, doing the hard work for you so you don’t have to! Get money in your account today through applying on a weekday before 3pm!
Represententative Example: 1286%; Duration of Agreement: 31 days; Total Charge of Credit: £25; Total Amount Payable: £185

Payday Easy Loans
Payday Loans

Broker £100 - £1000 £120 - £129.5 18 years of age, employed or self employed, earning min £650 per month. Repay on your next payday. No paperwork, nothing to fax. 1286.2% No Yes Payday Loans
Easy Payday Loans have set up a quick and easy online Payday Loan Brokerage Service. Get instant answers with their online application form and see what Easy Payday Loans have to offer you today. Easy payday Loan takes in to consideration applicants from all credit backgrounds.
Represententative Example: Not available.

Kwik Cash Payday Loans
Payday Loans

Broker £80 - £750 £125 You must be 18+ and have a UK Bank Account Generally not required – Kwik Cash offer instant online approval 1737% Yes Yes Payday Loans
Kwik Cash allows individuals to get cash QUICK. Borrow any amount between £80-£750 and have the option to toll the loan over 2 times, with the maximum term being 3 months in total. Money is debited from your account for repayments making it a simple process.
Total Amount of Credit: £160; Representative APR: 1286%; Duration of Agreement: 31 days; Total Charge of Credit: £25; Total Amount Payable: £185 Address: 28-32 Wellington Road, London, NW8 9SP.

QuickQuid Payday Loans
Payday Loans

Lender Up to £1000 £125 You must have a Bank Account No - nothing to fax, no paperwork to post 1734% No Yes Payday Loans
Fill out a 5 minute application form today and enjoy an upfront and simple lending service from QUICK QUID. EXCLUSIVE OFFER! Save 25% on a cash advance of up to £1000 from QuickQuid with promo code BCGS25. Cash can be deposited in to your account as quickly as 10 minutes, even on weekends!
Total Amount of Credit: £50; Representative APR: 1734%; Duration of Agreement: 30 days; Total Charge of Credit: £14.75; Total Amount Payable: £64.75 Address: QuickQuid, 483 Green Lanes, London, N13 4BS

Lending Stream Payday Loans
Payday Loans

Lender £50-£1000 £130 You must be 18 or over, have a Bank Account No ID required 3043.80% Yes Yes Payday Loans
Like other Payday Loans, Lending Stream has set up a really quick and simple lending service that will get you up to £1000 deposited in to your account as fast as the same day! Lending Stream differs to other Payday Loans however in understanding that not all applicants are able to pay back their loan as quickly as within a thirty day bracket and therefore have set up a 'short-term monthly instalment loan' that allows you to easily repay your loan in monthly instalments from 4-6 months. Rate of Interest: 30%per month.
Total Amount of credit: £200. Representative APR: 3043.8% Duration of Agreement: 6 months. Total Amount Payable: £440. Total Charge of credit: £220.

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